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Author: bonafide hr


Men's Mental Week June 2021 #menshealthweekWhen considering gender stereotypes, I often think back to a well-known exchange of words from the 1978 Superman film. It is the point where Lois Lane is falling to her (presumed) death and she is suddenly swept up in Superman’s


I can remember a moment of clarity when I heard someone referring to LGBTQ+ as QUILTBAG.[1] Although the acronym was first recorded in 2006,[2] I didn’t hear it until much later and I must admit that I have since developed a preference for it as

May I just….

May I just… ? At the core of mental health is the idea of resilience: the premise that a person can experience various issues, setbacks and personal disasters, but it is their ongoing ability to endure, or to recover from these problems that is important.

Artistic Autistic

When I was about five years old, I was introduced to the psychedelic delight known as ‘The Yellow Submarine.’ It was created in Soho during the mythical summer of love and there is no doubt that it was itself a lovechild created from many chemical

bonafide hr partners with EasyWeb Group and breatheHR

Boutique human resource start-up bonafide hr is making exciting changes following feedback from clients. Their new partnerships with EasyWeb Group and breatheHR will enable them to expand their service offering and provide additional support to their customers. A strategic partnership with Northampton-based recruitment company EasyWeb Group will enable

Global Wellness Day

We all woke recently to the terrible news that Kate Spade, visionary creator of handbags and accessories, had died. Early reports suggested that she had left behind a suicide note. No doubt we will in time discover why she took her own life. As we