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bonafide hr partners with EasyWeb Group and breatheHR

Boutique human resource start-up bonafide hr is making exciting changes following feedback from clients. Their new partnerships with EasyWeb Group and breatheHR will enable them to expand their service offering and provide additional support to their customers.

A strategic partnership with Northampton-based recruitment company EasyWeb Group will enable them to offer a cost-effective recruitment service for small to medium businesses in addition to the HR support they currently provide. 

bonafide hr Co-Founder Shaheen Kadri says, “We have listened to our clients, many of whom were asking for an affordable recruitment solution – especially in the SME space. In addition, the feedback we have received tells us that as we are providing human resources support we should also offer recruitment services. Our customers’ needs are important to us, so we went out to find the right partner to enable us to enlarge our service offering.

“We are delighted to be working with EasyWeb Group; they offered just what we were looking for, and their excellent reputation for entrepreneurship, quality and flexibility was also an important consideration.”

EasyWeb will provide bonafide hr with specialist recruitment support and the technology to match: an easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System that reduces clients’ recruitment administration and streamlines their whole recruitment process. All this will be wrapped up in the high-touch service on which bonafide hr prides itself, supported by a leading HR software partnership currently dominating the SME space. breatheHR will work with bonafide hr to help grow their consultancy by adding value to new and existing clients alike.

Sean Maher, Commercial Director of EasyWeb Group, says, “After spending some time getting to know bonafide hr and seeing how their culture and values blend so well with our own, the only logical step forward was to decide to partner with them. We are excited for what this partnership has to bring in the future and delighted to not only be a part of seeing bonafide hr grow but be able to play a role in their clients’ growth too.”

Alongside their partnership with EasyWeb Group, bonafide hr were seeking a potential HR software partner to support them when servicing clients. breatheHR will enable them to offer their customers a simple and intuitive system for managing their HR admin, so more time can be spent on what really matters to their business.

Shaheen Kadri says, “We were thrilled to discover breathe and learnt that it was compatible with EasyWeb’s Applicant Tracking System. This made our decision easy as it allowed us to strengthen our service offering to our customers.”

Nicky Forsyth,Partner Director breatheHR, says, “The partner programme is a true partnership between HR businesses and breathe. We’re proud to partner with consultancies like bonafide hr, where we listen, grow and work together to enhance service offerings and to stand out from the competition.”