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Hans Schumann

Executive, Career & Life Coach

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Bill Gates famously said, “Everyone needs a coach”. Indeed, if you research stories of the most successful people of our time, you will find that most have benefitted from some form of coaching.

Coaching is an excellent way to nurture leadership potential, address specific performance issues or simply increase staff engagement. It is also a great way to show how much you value your staff.

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How does coaching work?

Coaching creates a confidential space in which the coachee can explore solutions for his or her work challenge in a series of one to one meetings. We will identify goals, address development areas and create strategies for success. Between meetings, practical actions are agreed to help meet the coachee’s goals.

Benefits of Coaching

– Develop goals, solutions and strategies in a confidential setting
– Receive unbiased feedback and constructive challenges
– Learn new tools for personal effectiveness
– Overcome barriers to growth and change

Coaching for Leadership Teams

Investing in the development of your leadership team is critical for the future growth of your company. Coaching from an independent party creates a confidential and safe space in which issues and goals can be discussed without fear of repercussions.

Team Workshops

Some coaching topics can be discussed in a group setting. This will be particularly useful when they are relevant to a number of your staff or even to the whole workforce.

Examples of topics for workshops

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Develop agreed service standards

Develop values and mission statements

Improve communication

Resolve conflicts

Stress management

Time management

Presentation skills