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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Global Fund for Children

Global Fund for Children (GFC) is an international non-profit that partners with local organisations around the world to help children and youth reach their full potential and advance their rights.

In the fight for children’s rights, GFC champions bold ideas that would otherwise go unheard. It is the only global non-profit dedicated to discovering, funding and coaching truly community-based organisations that empower children and youth.

GFC provides long-term, flexible funding and capacity development support to more than 140 organisations combatting poverty and injustice in nearly 50 countries worldwide, helping them to become stronger agents of social change. To learn more, visit

GFC’s courageous partners work tirelessly to reach children living outside of mainstream systems and services: rural girls go to school instead of being trafficked for labour or sex; children with disabilities receive the physical therapy and specialised education they need and deserve; children working at dumpsites find safe spaces where they can learn, eat nutritious meals and access medical care. At the same time, GFC’s partners work to address the root causes of poverty, building public awareness and advocating for better policies and protections.

See GFC’s work in action in this video.

Donate to GFC today to help build a world where all children and youth are safe, strong and valued.

See Our Story

“At Global Fund for Children, we are incredibly grateful for our partnership with bonafide hr. Here in the UK, our team is small but with big vision and ambition to see grassroots groups working with young people thrive and succeed with our support and financial input.

“We cannot achieve this alone – partners are vital in helping us achieve our mission. Our friends at bonafide hr share our ambition and pursue everything they do with innovation, creativity and collaboration. We love working with Shaheen and the team to get more resources to extraordinary leaders and groups that create lasting change in their communities.”

Hayley, Partnerships Director UK

bonafide hr is thrilled to be partnering with Global Fund for Children UK Trust.

One of the key attributes we were looking for when seeking a CSR partner was to ensure that they complemented the bonafide way and our core values. These are built around Collaboration and Community and using the power of business for the greater good of giving back and changing lives.

Global Fund for Children is a remarkable charity with a great story to share. We are excited to be taking them along with us on our own journey.


Managing Director & Co-Founder