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The bonafide hr culture

We have thought long and hard about how we see ourselves evolving. Like any company, we’ve defined themes and behaviours that will help us shape who we become.

Our Values are our guiding principles

They are central to our broader culture and our aspirations for the future.

Our high touch approach to human resource and the “bonafide way” influences the personal service our clients expect from us. We’ve pledged that these will remain constant as we evolve and grow.

The bar is set high!

“Your people are your most expensive asset. Take care of them; they are key to your success. We believe great minds come together to generate great results – but only if you place your people at the centre of everything you do.”


Managing Director & Co-Founder

Our MISSION is to raise the bar in HR. Best practice is not enough! We go further as we seek to engage and educate our clients on all things people.

Our VISION is to support our clients on their journey by helping them create workplaces that serve to inspire a culture of innovation, freedom and responsibility. We become an extension of your company to help you achieve the best.

Our VALUES celebrate trust, collaboration, community and celebration – but above all authenticity. The clue’s in the name: bona fide means genuine and true, and this is what we embody as a company.

“Our values are part of who we are. They are what allows us to work effectively as a team.”


Head of Operations

The bonafide way!

Is defined by our brand personality. It should evoke a service culture that is informal, pragmatic and high touch, made up of expert team players.

The bonafide personality is one of openness and freedom of self-expression – important tools in helping identify and frame the content of all exchanges, especially in the creative space. Our brand personality seeks to influence, not merely communicate, both visually and through the written word.

Our goal is to provide a high touch human resource service, the kind that exceeds all expectations with our clients. We want them to feel connected in a personal way, allowing us to continue to support them as they grow and evolve.

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“Our goal is to be a partner; an extension of your business, not just something that’s good to have on the side.”

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