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Inclusion, Diversity and Wellbeing

At bonafide hr we believe that Inclusion, diversity and Wellbeing form part of an overarching approach to organisational culture and transformation.

Inclusion, Diversity and Wellbeing

At bonafide hr we believe that Inclusion, Diversity and Wellbeing (ID&W) form part of an overarching approach to organisational culture and transformation – one that touches upon every element of your company. It’s no longer a nice-to-have, but an essential part of your people’s experience throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Skilled, discerning and talented individuals are paying close attention to how well their employers perform in this area.

We will help you build programmes and initiatives that drive ID&W by looking at your workspace (the environment), your people (the make-up of your workforce) and the marketplace (how you are viewed from the outside).


At bonafide hr we care about our own employees and those of our clients. We understand that your employees and potential new hires are always looking to their employers as to how they are supporting healthier lifestyle benefits.

Healthcare by Meyado Protect

As companies grow, they become more aware of their responsibilities of taking care of their employees and their wellbeing.

Our goal at bonafide hr is to support our clients and help them create an environment in which every employees can accomplish their business goals and maintain a sense of harmony between work, personal life and health.

We have partnered with Meyado Protect who provide life and health insurance that rewards employees for looking after their health. As an Exclusive Associate of Vitality, Meyado Protect believe that a happier, healthier workforce is good for business and with a range of rewards and perks on offer, it enables employees to have financial piece of mind whilst adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Employee Assistance

The area of mental health awareness is now high on the agenda for many companies, and specifically how the working environment impacts our mental health.

We are committed to working with our clients to create an environment that looks after its staff and nurtures personal growth and wellbeing.

Our Employee Assistant Programme (EAP) is a cost-effective solution, providing your employees with a structured programme that supports them during significant life events. These can be anything from financial problems or illness to having trouble moving to a new house or even relationship issues.  If you would like to talk to us about EAP, contact us today.

Terrarium Building

Promoting and incorporating wellness programmes into your work environment should be an important part of your workplace culture.

“The basics to any good relationship are sought through happiness.” A terrarium class will certainly give you that! At bonafide hr we are proud to be partnering with Botanical Boys, a terrarium design company that provides creative botanical workshops.

Botanical Boys cares about the benefits of interacting with nature and believes that bringing elements of gardening into an office environment is unique, creative and stimulating. The workshops are designed to encourage employee development and collaboration.


Benefits of terrarium building

Encouraging employees to learn about gardening with terrariums develops curiosity, intuition and hidden creative talent. Over a period of time, as the plants develop, it also encourages better relationships and engagement with each other.

This is one way of incorporating the wellness of your employees into the workplace by encouraging them to “green up their space” and creating a healthy working environment.

A terrarium workshop is a fantastic way to say thank you to your team or company, or a great ice-breaker session to kick-start your conference or company away day.

Inclusion and diversity

Skilled talent has become increasingly discerning about the kind of company they want to work for. This has placed a tremendous amount of pressure on organisations to ensure they have a company culture that drives success, both for its customers and its employees.

You may have noticed that at bonafide hr we have changed the usual order of the words. ‘Diversity, Inclusion’ is more common, but we believe that its important to create an inclusive workspace first and then celebrate diversity.

Diversity refers to the make-up of your workforce; its who you are. Inclusion, however, is about creating the environment in which your workforce, regardless of their backgrounds, can thrive and succeed. It’s what you do, and needs to be established first.


Workshops are run throughout the year for line managers and employees, equipping you and them with the tools necessary to be able to manage ID&W in everything they do. In addition our I&D Consultants will assist you in the following areas:

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